Primal Gospel

by Landon Echeverio

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(free) 08:10


released November 22, 2013

Landon Echeverio - everything



all rights reserved


Landon Echeverio Portland, Oregon

Landon Echeverio is a 22 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer. He describes his works as, "completely open and free from confinement," citing his process as a source of true enjoyment due to the fact that he has no preconceptions about what his finished products should yield. ... more

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Track Name: Vices
I never cared about the parts of you that were broken
Plenty of them still work
In terms of simple mechanics there's no need for adjustments
To keep that heart from falling in love

I spent the better of never
Thinking about what you don't look like naked
I'll be your outfitter - just don't dress
It detracts from your parents hard work fucking

So what if it's all I want to do?
It's being around you - It's being inside
I know the things that get you off kid
So here's to our vices - our learning devices

Where's the blame?
I'm at fault but your ashamed?

Oh shit, they put me down
Now I need a pick me up

Are we shining stars or just Christmas lights?
I am burnt the fuck out on these needless nights

Let me go...
Track Name: Long Walk off a Short Pier
come on won't you take me
back where you can't lead me
twist me, turn me, break me
molding me is easy

throw me in your closet (among cobweb verse)
wear me like a new dress (rode home in the hearse)
clinging all too tightly (I'm afraid that)
nestled upon your breast (I'm awaken)


Fabled facts are now coming back for remnants of a long lost you
Now writhe failings of a washed up me
...too late

You tried holding me way too high off the ground
I tried to become a lover but I'm prone to the sound of silence


Fabled facts are now coming back for remnants of a long lost you
Now writhe failings of a washed up me
...too late

You tried holding me way too high off the ground
I tried to become a lover but I'm prone to the sound of silence
Track Name: Verschränkung
I am mother nature
I am walking contradictions
In a vat of amniotic fluid

I am terms of endearment
I am stalking your afflictions
In the slums of embryonic movement

We were
A perfect start to a worthless end
Adumbrated tendencies
Of a vacillating dream

I am fleeing saviors
I am calling the bluff of fiction
In a city of dystopic blueprints

I am freeing future-tenses bound to bred addictions
In a haze of rats disguised students

We were
A perfect start to a worthless end
Adumbrated tendencies
Of a vacillating dream

We were
A perfect scar to a wound that sought no mend
Aggravated remedies of unwavering change

The rotting trunk of this absent mind
Vanishing consciousness stepping out of time
Your heart on a silver platter that your pop the blacksmith struck
As he did my blade
I built a fire rubbing two sticks together and thought you'd like to know
I sure could of used your flame
but burn out you would, just as you should
you must be so tired, so sore, rubbing two sticks together

A stigmatic whisper

You were
The perfect start to a worthless end
Track Name: Anonymizer
Dissonance - our song
Lovely little chorus - chaos
Trembling hands flee each other now

Look at the man you called love
Look at the love you called wrong
Look at the ones you'll retreat
Look at yourself...

I'm lost cause you'll do what you want
Impulsive and dumb
I can't make you right
Cause I can't make you mine

So far gone
You're so far gone

Do you like how it feels knowing you fucked it up?
That it's all on you
Just not me
My love's a reprieve
That you don't deserve

And I suppose that you don't deserve me
And I suppose that I shan't reserve you

Now stop
Listen to yourself
Spouting drivel
On a roll
We care but only a little
Have a drink, sink, then carry on along to the next best object to sell your thoughts

I'm found
Cause I gotta have you around
or my soul is unsound
but I can't make me right
If I have you in sight

Do you like how it feels knowing you're gonna come?
When I move in you
You're empty
This fuck's a reprieve
That I don't deserve
Track Name: Naptime at the Apollo
Once "If" poisoned half the lot
Drowned-trust ricochet
Limbs of the leper beginning to rot
A fall from grace
Now we feign the taste
A fate to trace
Now we're face to face

And I tremble at your knees
While you eat out of my hands
Toward a misstep that I can't afford
Pregnant with a future that we can't abort

Once "How" sold his birthright
Crowned-lust giveaway
Limbs that can't fault my own find me flying
A hastened waste (running the clock)
Now we echo fates (walking the walk)
A faith to hate (trust is a sap)
Now we're face to face (or back to back)

And I tremble at your throne
While you eat like an agathist
Toward a mishap that I can't ignore
Pregnant with a longing that I can't abort

And I tremble at myself
While I drink the mirror again
Toward a mistrial I can't endure
Pregnant with a verdict that I can't abort
Track Name: E. Coli Cherry
I somehow always thought If I could see you you could see me
What folly logic

Mistaking your identity

I remain invisible to your deafened eyes
And all too visible to your open legs

Don't ask why I'm a fool for you

Cause I just don't know
And I never knew
How to unlearn something
That I know all too well

Cause I didn't learn
And I'll never learn
How to stop this thinking
When my body's sinking

[I'd follow you to hell
Just to ask where to buy a halo
I'd follow you to heaven
Just to feel the fall again]

Pa' always said don't let a woman love you
That's when you know that it's time for them to go
Ma' always said just wear your heart on your sleeve
For when the clothes are off there are no chances of a heart breaking

I must ask why you're a fool for me

Cause I think you know
And you always knew
How to unlearn something
That you know all too well

Cause you must've learned
When the tables turned
How to start this thinking
That we might be sinking

[I'd follow you to hell
Just to ask for the throne
I'd follow you to heaven
Just to know descent again]

Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I always demanded more from the sunset
More spectacular colors when the sun hit the horizon
That's perhaps my only sin

it comes in waves
my hate for you
just like your love
unassured thing
this time i might
just leave it alone

The sky was drowned in grey that day we gave it all away
We watched our pretty petty stars laugh and rearrange
The notion of a starting point ate up by every breath
Exhaled by common morale, exhumed by differences

I tried every day to once embrace the swell of Saturn’s trust
To fend the beaming pillar of the great Venus’s lust
But with love in bloom to time’s etude a tune we held in swoon
We danced entranced in pure romance, my heart begging to move

You lent a lore greater than all the stories told before
And bred a light that grew in spite of a true skeptics core
You spoke as if our blunders would have made the slightest difference
But at the end of days baby all we will cling to is deliverance

For where there is fact, there is fiction
Either is an addiction
Where there’s up, there is down
Either can turn around
Where’s there’s wrong, there is right
Either will do tonight
For where there’s you, there’s me
For all eternity
Track Name: Neo-Naught
You have always held my attention longer than you meant to
But now, a concentration shattered and incomplete
The integral I spawn from a shrouded sky release

You're draining me
As these fluids mix
Pledging fealty
To a fucking crucifix

You want to recognize
Me in this disguise
Well we'll never take it off
Cause we're here to stay

And yet, with indignation, an absent intervention
In step, with rhythm, a delectable intention

Peeling it back now
Revel in revealing
A mantric slide
Into ethereal divides

Corrugated thinking
Spawns a preferential galaxy
Ameliorated function
Of a spider-eyed fallacy

Pulling back the curtains
A grandeur reserved
For a machination
Of a sepulchral past

Surrogated dreaming
A retraction of intent
Pretty little insignificance
You can rest assured
I'll never recompense

This city has lost its touch as I remember
when I last threw down my crutch to resurrect her
Time but blink of her eye to the skies
withering just like a widow born into demise
I wrote but never spoke; I feared the end was near
She choked as If her throat begged to adhere
Her lungs gave out - she tried to shout
but the air just wasn’t there in that rare amount
I fled through the thick and ragged wood
I swore I tried to cry but just never could
Your memory I kept close like a phosphorescent ghost
An erotic novice, ever cautious, what I wanted most
Why my mind veered toward the path
that bore the breaking of the pact
is a fact unknown, but audit prone
you’ll find me digging your new home
A ten foot fire in the mire of gasoline and barbed wire
filthy liar, why conspire?
You cannot unetch one’s desire
I was bred for you – As you were bred for me
I know it’s curt and might just hurt but don’t struggle lovely
You’ll find in time, the signs, the rhymes - the mystery all intertwined
within our blood, our sweat, our tears, our hardships, friendships, hopes and fears
I twist your head around as I fuck you from behind
so those whorish little beads finally see me eye to eye
They cursed me at inception by pardoning infection
so I’ll spew forth all my filth in hopes and dreams to be defective

Catatonic carcass in your cobweb
Feeding frenzy
A transient temptress
Saunter slowly
Crawl to me my baby
In an unsound slow dance
A swansong for our romance

The guilt becomes you
Chance chosen chemistry
Turning tricks like loose-knit lore unto your symmetry
Call my bluff you power thirsty whore
You'll bleed for me before you'll find yourself begging for more

Take off your face - you know it's gotta go
Take off your face - and leave us all alone
Take off your face - just be my mannequin
Take off your face - and shed that shaken skin

(Primal Gospel)
Track Name: Yesternight
When I was not considered aged a blank canvas I strode
Ripping roots as if a tree bore no family at all
although my own embraced my every whim
as if this parody I just now unearthed

I’ve grown with rotted roots
no ladders for my chutes
A lone gunman – pistol pointed proof
The only way I learn a damn thing about myself.

I declare war on my character – my style is plenty defense

(As if this parody I just now unearthed)

Sometimes I dream I’m a captain like my father
steering through squalls ever soundly
Though the squall steering his ire a decay will never sound
Maybe I’m already at sea

I thought you swore these sails sound
I wore your name just like a crown
I held your truths as if a gun
I bore your shame just like a son
Track Name: Pallid Palace
Took me through the back alley and said, "You'll live here someday, you joke"

And I should have listened once...
I should have listened twice...
I should have listened...

Three times I fail making nice with those three words

Now I can't speak them at all
Because I only love myself
No room for you inside this shell

(How can I help you "Out" if you don't let me "In")

Save it for a time-lapse shot
Save it for a setting sun

Allure of existence
In diamond-eyed opulence
Filled with tension's lying
Abandoning languid portents

I dry her eyes with silken clouds
Where linings adorn draped tombstones
As Mercury floods my fragile senses

Venial incisions in distant tranquil tones
A dream in liquid acquiescence
Storms upon breathless waves
A love-lust drear stoking the coals
Cold-struck fury cloaked in the light

A debt overdue
A price on the head; renewed
A dream's end
A broken prayer; uttered to mend
A fallacious grave
A waking intention; born to enslave
A shadow tempted to lull
A traced introspection; stained ivory horns of a million lost bulls

No more than a deified drifter
Like those who crash-land,
No promise made to the statues which now stand

Found the deathbed, hand-spun predilection
Forged in the widow, a natural affection
Forlorn by dawn, I face my reflection
Fond of trespass, boundaries insignificant
Feign ingenuity through novel intrinsic vents

Your word against mine
You know
traveled resolve stutters my speech
When shown
A dream in reverse, between the wheels of time I climb
until rooftops reveal a lifeline too visceral for closed-eye schemes
Nourished and growing
The scheme in reverse,
above the words of humanity
I spawn facile indictments wearing the seams of theocratic regimes

Deafen the eyelids by pacifistic sight
Blinding cacophony of faded sunlight
Perilous paralyses determine our plight
Neglecting nemesis's love is all but nigh

In a coldsweat shudder,
I loose truths and retreat
Lapses in force, splaying broken warnings
Pincushion-reality, a canvas built from skyline
Deflated claim to fame
The Leviathan, now, lay tame

A call to arms made in silence
Meticulous visions racing defiance
Beams of virility, impetuosity drowning: dark becoming light
Silenced admonitions yielding pallid resilience to natural past-lives

Trust posing as tragic intervention
Nights of retention mirror mediate division
Loosed from the noose under false pretense
Tarnished plurality unwound in absence
Striking the eternal instinctual pose
Renders authentic the maturation of the fabricant's rose

None other than what can be done
Like a fly toward the light,
No further to run
Track Name: Virtues
my dick is always gonna be hard for you god dammit
your face is too perfect to forget

my heart is always gonna re-break for you
cause I'll let it
we'll always slow dance like paralyzed pantomimes


Turn the lights off, I couldn't bare to see the light go out in you
the life sucked out of you
Your "God" turn his back on you

feel unforgotten bitch
my conscious is at the very least thinking for you
wonder if there are days when you think of me...

I'd like to think that, no, there aren't
your too busy counting all your problems
in hopes the world came up with the same integer

Map - nowhere to
we forgot what we sought
but we're searching nonetheless

I'm comatose
Let me rot in this pathetic loneliness
my tardiness is right on time

(I'm opposed to letting you do what you'd like
I'm of the impression that it's dead wrong every time)

(I'm opposed to keeping you around this flesh
I'm of the impression that I'll taste you every time)

I'm not gonna give you absolution
I'm not gonna give you an applause

You know the things that get me off, kid
So here's to my virtues, I'm learning to hurt you